S E A S C A P E   '17


/ L’eto’s launch collection ‘17 unveils a new take on luxury minimalism for brides all over the world. The essences of subtle rebellion for cool girls are captured with each of the 10 looks. Our brides understand their own femininity but hate the frills, forgoing the stifling skirts that traditionalist ateliers offer. These are for the stylish creatures who would run off the beaten path at any chance and wear something that speaks to their heart.


Collection 17' is photographed in a nostalgic golden glow of the luxurious seaside retreat, delicate textures make for a stark, but welcome contrast to the rural landscape and geometric structures of the house. A languid story of a serene wanderer is crafted there and then, with the alluring appeal reminiscent of the past decades; with relaxed silhouettes paired with plunging necklines and decorated with metallic thread and crystal fronds.


Subtle details underline L’eto’s emerging leaf motif of a unique and quietly powerful woman. Soft, wispy fabrics and light embellishment decorates the body; there is none of the generic corded and bulky lace or stiff satin here. Light, embroidered silks and tulle mesh that catch the light are a fine replacement for the contemporary bride while sensual, effortless glamour is channelled in the way they cascade down the female form. They kiss your skin as you slip them on, and each gown lends a distinct attitude to the bride; assuring her that yes, you look beautiful, and you know it.