Places To Be: Bali

Bali is the destination of dreams for travellers looking for something more than just the scrubbed-up tourist landscapes we find in so many other beautiful places. Known for its brilliant array of food, culture, traditional art and architecture, the island offers a striking balance of true local lifestyle and comfort. 

Other than the renowned beaches that vary from volcanic and rocky to white sands, the wild beauty of inner Bali lies in its jungle temples, waterfalls, and the lush rolling hills. There’s a place for everyone in here.

We visited the gorgeous island for a shoot against the stunning backdrops of a cliffside beach. If you’re looking to escape the cold, it’s the ideal location to sit back a little, enjoy the province and its offerings whilst winding down from your big day.

Here we have Piece 1, decorated beautifully with frothing embroidery throughout the ivory chiffon. Spin your way through the sand and watch the metallic yarns and glass beads catch the light. Delicate shoulder straps are perfect for basking in the soft warmth of the Indonesian sun and a plunging back pulls everything together for a tropical dream.

Our sylph-like Piece 4 isn’t to be forgotten too, with a modest sleeveless cut and round neck for the modern brides-to-be. Easy to move around while navigating the rainforests or rocky cliffs, this sheer silk chiffon dress is a dream to be in.

After your exploration, head back to your hotels for a wellness retreat or go on gastronomical adventure around the island. We’ve put together a list of the places we think are the cream of the crop, with their gourmet offerings and holistic care.

Fivelements Retreats  Ph:  @andathousandwords

Fivelements Retreats

Ph: @andathousandwords

Maduranese Duck Sate at the Arang Sate Bar  Ph:  @zirafi.carmen

Maduranese Duck Sate at the Arang Sate Bar

Ph: @zirafi.carmen


If you’re looking to live on the slow side of life for a bit, Canggu, a coastal village area would be perfect for you. Surf enthusiasts will be delighted with the pristine black sand beaches and great surf breaks.

Seafood is a must here; restaurants and cafes alike are supplied with a never-ending stream of fresh lobster, prawns, and fish of all kinds.


Forgo a typical hotel and try the Red Door Villa instead. A luxurious villa set amongst gardens almost like paradise, it’s ideal for couples looking for privacy and a more personal feeling to their honeymoon home.

The Pancaran river runs next to the intimate retreat and provides a brilliant view of the natural wonders around. Personal services such as butlers, maids, and chefs ensure that your every need and comfort is seen to for your ultimate escape.


Cafe Vída has shot up into popularity with locals, expats, and travellers alike with their locally sourced, organic ingredients that they turn into mouth-watering meals.

Balinese grown teas, kombucha, jun, kefir, and jamu are just the beginning of their massive menu.

The Pool Suite at the Katamama  Ph:  @eatandtreats

The Pool Suite at the Katamama

Ph: @eatandtreats


Famous for the fields of padi (rice) cultivated over decades, Ubud is the hub of culture and art in Bali. Woodcarvings, batik paintings, and other crafts originate from this traditional country town.


Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa, is a wellness resort offering a comprehensive and high impact programmes aimed at supporting and bringing couples closer in their life journey.

Guided by traditional Balinese philosophies with organic, herbal products and services, the award-winning eco-conscious retreat emphasises on harmony with spirit, the environment, and one another.

Envision a complete severance from toxicity from our daily lives and returning with a whole new perspective and joy of living- that’s what Fivelements hopes to achieve with every one of their guests.


If you’ve ever encountered issues with overordering food just because you wanted to try a little bit of everything, Arang Sate Bar is the place to go. Indonesia’s national dish, sate, is presented in skewers of grilled and specially seasoned meats ranging from duck, barramundi, and lamb.

The marriage of tastes is carefully planned by New York trained chef Agung Nugroho. Their extensive bar menu is heavily inspired by traditional Indonesian concoctions with healing digestive properties as well.

A tropical sanctuary at Reddoor  Ph:  @hannaschonberg

A tropical sanctuary at Reddoor

Ph: @hannaschonberg

Organic breakfast burrito at Cafe Vida  Ph:  @cafe_vida_bali

Organic breakfast burrito at Cafe Vida

Ph: @cafe_vida_bali


Seminyak has a lively atmosphere; colourful and bustling. It’s a place for food, dancing, and shopping. With multiple nationalities mingling both in the day and night and it being host to world class cuisine and fine boutiques, it’s a town to have fun and enjoy life.


A gem of a boutique hotel nestled in Semiyak is the Katamama. It’s the perfect representation of the modern and current Bali. Traditional techniques, specially commissioned artwork and handmade furnishings all play a part in the bold and meaning architecture while remaining stylish.

Skilled artisans created the hotel from scratch, from hand dyed indigo, hand-pressed coconut-shell fired bricks, and woven sheets, and you can sleep in comfort knowing that the hotel has maintained a sustainable process from the very start.