Adorn Yourself: Labels We Adore

We’ve spotted some brands that we love on Instagram! Here’s the spotlight on contemporary jewelry for the modern woman.

Ryan Storer offers abstractly romantic jewelry inspired by everything and constantly evolving. You can easily see the Sydney-based designer’s evolution since his launch in 2012 with 13 years experience below his belt. We love the delicate floral forms of his most recent collections, and the edgy, dazzling crystals of Collection 9.

Sometimes, a little twinkle in your ear is all you need. Brie Leon’s variety of hoop earrings offer everything from multi-layered textures to sparkling “pillar” glass. The brand’s offerings have been crafted thoughtfully by designer Janine Zafra for you to have a connection to each piece. It’s a contemporary take on classically inspired pieces, and we do love the timelessness of it all.

There’s a staunch commitment to producing responsible, meaningful objects in Holly Ryan’s studio. The intense dedication to craftsmanship and an ethos grounded in sustainability elevates her objects from merely pretty things; these pieces are meant to be treasured forever. Her sculptural shapes are driven by an organic-minimalist aesthetic that we personally adore.

Chubby, geometric shapes of metal dangle charmingly from The Line of Sun’s earrings. They’re cast in precious metals from hand-carved wax molds by Melbourne creative Alice Tsakirakis. Even as she pursues her art and meditative philosophy, she also ensures a sustainable practice in her studio. Each scrap of metal is saved and melted down to create new works right there in Melbourne.