Adorn Yourself: Shoes We Adore

We’ve spotted some brands that we love on Instagram! Here’s the spotlight on contemporary footwear for the modern woman.

Forgive the pun, but this is by far one of ourfavourite picks. BY FAR combines nostalgia and modernity to birth a shoe brand with a cult following, and for good reason indeed. Their globe-trotting styles induce a sense of possiblity; you could go anywhere and be anyone in their shoes. The slick sensibilities are made luxe with carefully considered proportions, curves, and of course, materials. You know, a good shoe can really take your breath away.

This Warsaw founded luxury brand has all that we love- glamour, opulence, and a bit of attitude. These aspects combined in their incredible style of shoes have been knocking us out the park since they started in 2017. An offering of stylish, punchy silhouettes and gorgeous satin textures with refined details come in every season. Of course, the artisan’s commitment to craftsmanship can be seen straightaway by the quality of the construction.

Delicately cut fringe and the thinnest leather straps adorn Reike Nen’s contemporary designs. Inspired by the juxtaposition of materials and textures, they embrace raw materials and refine it into a style we can’t deny. Take a closer look at the enchanting silhouettes and next-level attention to detail that the Korean brand offers, and we especially love how each piece can be worn anytime, anywhere.

Korean designer Sunyuul Yie reimagines Mary Jane loafers to colour block mules, while everyday shoes are punctuated with statement designs, trapezoidal shapes, and a focus on comfortable wearability. There’s an undeniable sense of elegance in the architectural shapes and organic style that she has been developing since 2013. It’s a sharp blend of old and new, and like they say, nothing about them is ordinary.

Lose yourself in the dreams that Enio and Monica, the founders of Le Silla, have crafted for you. They’ve translated their strive for femininity into 20 years of luxury artisanal creation, only made in Italy from heel to toe. Le Silla presents a new wave of classic seduction with touches of rock ‘n’ roll, and still attends to the desires of us fickle women.