For The Girls: Bridesmaids Dresses

This time round, we've done our research on a variety of bridesmaid brands that could satisfy any group of girls; and you know how difficult that is!

Stylist Vanessa Cocchiaro redefines typical bridesmaid dressing into something much more fluid and elegant- you'll find no frumpiness here. Jumpsuits and jackets are a way for Les Heroines to deliver their sartorial inspiration while soft colours and silky fabrics retain a feminine touch.

There's really something for everyone with the wide variety of cuts and styles. We particularly love their bias cut pieces; a flattering option with a relaxed fit. They're versatile and definitely easy to move around in!

Dusty sage and warm rust immediately caught our eye with their flowing, simple silhouettes. We looked a bit closer and were delighted to find that they offer 12 beautiful colours for each of their designs in a vicose/rayon blend in sizes XS to XL, all hand dyed and made in New Zealand.

You know what this means, right? Every bridesmaid would find her fit in the exact shade, so who needs to worry about matching anymore? Leave Her Wilder has your back for easy, fuss-free options.


If you haven't heard of BHLDN, listen up. They're the bridal line of Anthropologist and they offer a selection of carefully designed pieces that are current without being trendy.

Metallic and jewel tones stand out a lot here on their beautifully draped dresses when paired with sparkling earrings.

Delicate lace, subtle sequins and pleats all add a touch of high-fashion glamour to their gowns while still being affordable.  


Bec + Bridge plays with sensual lines in their signature style of their Wedding Edit. Their dresses feature soft contouring and sophisticated fabrics while keeping it light and spirited. 

This Australian duo have been in the business for about fifteen years now, delivering their perfect balance of accessible fashion.

We’re in love with the range of satin viscose pieces in shades of pearlescent blush, ink, and sand, but their Endless Love dresses are to die for too.

100% pure crinkled silk in these lovely colours offer a sense of light-heartedness and girlish charm, but with none of the traditional frippery and fuss.