P A L M  S P R I N G S


// A desert oasis of cinematic style is nestled under the San Jacinto mountain range. Palm Springs, iconic in its glamorous heyday for the rich and famous, is the backdrop of L’eto’s second collection this fall of ‘18. The faded colours of the widely-recognised architecture exude heat and feel sun-baked; and call to mind the mid-century desert modernism of the area. As we yearn for a time that might never have been, the landscape promises escapism into a mirage world.

    Slightly melancholic and yet still romantic in following the story of our escapist, the collection is a sheer delight of fluid movements, languid silhouettes, and an abundance of lightweight silks. Designer Anya links the inspiration of an era long past into her signature delivery of contemporary designs with an approach to newness. A dimensional play on twists, panels, and sheerness manifests in voluminous chiffon and delicate cover ups. Glistening leaves come to life in the light and a visceral sense of sentimentalism is heavy in the air.


Bridal separates are the key direction this season, and they serve as delicate canvases of for glimmering patterns of embroidery and beads. The warm desert wind carries languid beatnik vibes around wisps of blouson sleeves and organic pleats and the choice of lustrous silk gracefully evades the look of traditional heavy-handed decoration and fabrics. There’s a common thread of worldliness and wistfulness that dictates this story, and Anya reimagines nostalgia into a restrained sense of voyage and juxtaposition. Fine fabrics and softly crafted gowns in the unforgiving Sonoran Desert may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but the collection hardly looks out of place in this balmy town.