Designer behind L'eto's inspirational style and photography - Anya Ostapenko


/ Anya has always been an inquisitive spirit. She was born in wintry Russia, but moved down under to sunny Australia at a very young age, to warm summers and surf. The vast cultural differences started a passion for travel, always for pleasure first and then for business.

Her curious eye propelled her into photography too, expressing herself through the lens; and a beautiful way of capturing moments whilst adventuring. Along her travels, she has met strong females from all walks of life, inspiring her to create even more for these women. Previously concentrating on bridal accessories for the past four years, she couldn't help but give in to the need to expand into the gown sector and channel her creativity through that. 

Anya designs for the L’eto muse; a beatnik babe and citizen of the world and a pathfinder just like herself. A lover of art and architecture, this fearless and confident woman knows her balance in the world. She is an unashamed expresser of self, and is proud of her own free spirit.

Given carte blanche, each gown is an audacious step away from the traditional classics. Conventional silhouettes and wedding dress details are re-imagined into fluid, contemporary shapes. Each collection will take you on an incredible journey and tell a story of a character finding herself every step of the way. We hope that you will appreciate the way each dress is designed to resonate with you.

Our studio is located at Sydney’s untamed and spacious Northern Beaches where you can try our pieces on, chat to Anya @stellarhours about kids, travel and photography or buy the prettiest bridal accessories from @bridelaboheme and @ephemerebridal or simply take a break  and go for a surf...